TCM(traditional Chinese medicine) Treatment Guide in China

Embedded Wire Therapy

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Embedded wire therapy is a branch of traditional Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion, which was improved from the acupoint embedding therapy which originated in the 1950s. During acupuncture or attack a vital point, external stimuli are applied to the acupoint. Once the needle or finger leaves the acupoint, the stimulation to the acupoint disappears. For example, The patient is in great pain when a stomach ulcer strikes,acupuncturists usually insert a needle at zu san li acupoint,which will immediately relieve the pain. But after the needle is taken away, the pain will still come back.Later, doctors buried a needle at the patient's zu san li acupoint and let it stimulate the acupoints for a long time. This was the original acupoint burial therapy. From this point of view, acupuncture point burial therapy is a long-term-effect acupuncture therapy. It makes up for the defects of acupuncture and moxibustion, such as acupuncture time is short, many times acupuncture needed, curative effect duration is short and the effect is not easy to be consolidated.

With the development of science, a kind of animal protein carrier, such as catgut, is used to replace the steel needle buried at the acupoint, so as to achieve the purpose of treating diseases by stimulating it continuously and effectively. Since the carrier will dissolve naturally and be absorbed by the body over a period of time, acupoint catgut embedding therapy is named for it.

Acupoint embedding therapy has a wide range of applications, mainly for various chronic diseases, which requires a long time for acupuncture treatment,such as chronic enteritis, gastritis, lumbar disc herniation, sciatica and so on. It is also often used for beauty, weight loss and health care,for instance, acne, chloasma, obesity and human fatigue syndrome. This therapy is suitable for modern people who have big pressure from work and fast pace of life.

The following translated information come from the below link.

Acupoint embedding wire therapy can treat more than 200 kinds of diseases, and its effect is remarkable for some difficult, chronic and the pain diseases. For example,when the trigeminal neuralgia is treated by embedding wire therapy,the pain can be relieved immediately, the long-term effect is good but does not damage the nerve. It has good analgesic effect on gout, and can eliminate purine acid to achieve the goal of radical cure. For the early and middle stage patients with femoral head necrosis, acupoint embedding wire combined treatment with traditional Chinese medicine are used, the therapeutic effect is satisfactory. Surgery is recommended for advanced femoral head necrosis. Wire embedding therapy can also play an important role in the treatment of cancer. In the treatment of lung cancer, TCM combine embedding wire therapy can quickly eliminate various symptoms and change the internal environment of human body.In another word,such treatment method not only can eliminate the symptoms but also can heal the disease from the root and prolong life.Especially the effect of reliefing chest pain is unique. For the chemoradiotherapy response, embedding the wire can reduce the vomiting, improve the curative effect of chemoradiotherapy. In addition, the effect is very good too of treating digestive tract cancer including esophageal cancer, gastric cancer and so on.

Wire embedding therapy for asthma has immediate effects. It relieves symptoms quickly and the pain caused very little. The effect will be better if it is treated combine traditional Chinese medicine.

Embedded wire therapy is more stimulating than acupuncture, so it is more effective in treating difficult, chronic and the pain diseases.