TCM(traditional Chinese medicine) Treatment Guide in China

what is the advantage of TCM in treating hypertension?

The symptoms are significantly improved

The symptoms of hypertension are mainly included:

Discomfort caused by elevated blood pressure including dizziness, headache, tinnitus,insomnia, chest tightness, palpitation shortness of breath, forgetfulness,waist is weak and sore and so on.

There is damage of target organs, such as heart, brain, kidney, etc.and also there are symptoms of related diseases such as diabetes and coronary heart disease,etc.For example,if accompanied with left heart failure, the patient has the problem of dyspnea,shortness of breath, chest tightness, cyanosis of lips,finger nails or skin,etc.

Blood pressure can be reduced quickly by western medicine,even return to normal, but the effect is poor of reducing dizziness, headache and other symptoms.However,TCM is based on syndrome differentiation, emphasizing holistic treatment and improving symptoms.For example, when patients with high blood pressure have symptoms such as headache,dizziness, headache, insomnia, irritability, etc., the TCM believes that it is due to hyperactivity of yang and the Yin deficiency of liver and kidney.Through the treatment of heat-clearing,fire-purging and calming liver wind, the above symptoms also improved with the decrease of blood pressure.Combined with the method of invigorating kidney, it can improve the quality of sexual life, reduce night urine and improve kidney deficiency after the treatment of liver and kidney.The treatment of hypertension not only focuses on the decrease of blood pressure, but also focuses on the improvement of patients' life quality. In the treatment of high blood pressure, reducing blood pressure is an important goal, but it cannot be confined to do so, and more importantly, it is necessary to prevent the damage of the heart, brain, kidney and other target organs at the same time because heart failure, kidney failure and so on are often more deadly than high blood pressure.

Although western medicine has good curative effect, it has a large toxicity and side effects,while TCM has a certain role in the reversal of some damaged organs and the prevention and treatment of complications.Some Chinese medicine not only can reduce blood pressure but also can reduce blood rescosity which can prevent and treat stroke. Astragalus can strengthen heart,is good for diuresis, reduce pressure and urine protein, improve renal function.

TCM protects the heart,brain,kidney and blood vessel through adopting the method of syndrome differentiation, using TCM compound, adjusting the in vivo environment, improve endothelial function.

Combined with western medicine to reduce side effects.

Clinical trials have proved that the curative effect of Chinese and western medicine combining is better than that of western medicine or single Chinese medicine.It is generally believed that TCM has low efficacy in short term,while western medicine has high efficacy but also has large side effect meanwhile.

After the combination of Chinese and western medicine, western medicine can give full play to the advantages of recent high efficacy, and reduce its toxic side effects due to the corresponding reduction of dosage.TCM can assist western medicine improve its recent curative effect and meanwhile it also has its own long-term curative effect of reducing pressure.

For example,many patients tend to have edema after long-term using calcium antagonist nifedipine.So they can use Chinese medicine to strengthen sleen and remove dampness,make edema disappear.Some patients cough after taking ace inhibitors(ACEI),they needn't to stop taking it if they taking some Chinese medicine which can diffuse the lung to suppress cough.

The depressurization is smooth and gentle

Western medicine doctors have to frequntely increase and decrease the dosage in order to reach the target of blood pressure,therefore,the blood pressure fluctuates greatly. While the drop inblood pressure of TCM is smoothly, and the effect of stable blood pressure is better.Kudzu root,eucommia ulmoides,selfheal (need to observe the kidney function),corn whiskers and uncaria rhynchophylla ,etc areespecially suitable for elderly patients whith hepertention in early stage.

Non-drug therapy is effective for lowering blood pressure.

Non-pharmacological therapies with Chinese characteristics include Qigong acupuncture,physical therapy and Tuina have been proven to have certain hypotensive effects. The research proves that giving acupuncture and Tuina at certainpoints or parts can lower central nervous system stimulant, increase nitricoxide content, has obvious hypotensive effect to some patients.Qigong is suitable for all periods of hypertension which can adjustcerebral cortex function,reduce sympathetic excitability,reduce the boost reaction of blood pressure,correct dysfunction and improve the ability of resisting blood pressure.It has good effect whether use them alone or in combination with drug therapy.It is also advisable to treat patients with dietary therapy and Chinese herbs pillow.