TCM(traditional Chinese medicine) Treatment Guide in China

We provide all necessary services to help patients around the world to receive TCM especially acupuncture treatment in Tianjin,China,get back their health and normal life.The service procedure is:
1.Sending us your information by email of your current symptoms,       medical history and the test reports if it's necessary as well as the picture
of your tongue coating;
2.We translate your medical information  into Chinese,show it to the               hospital;
3.The expert of the hospital and TCMsilkroad study the information  
   together and then give you the feedback; apply the visa and come to Tianjin,China
5.We arrange you settle down at the apartment we provide you
6.We arrange outpatient appointment for you
7.We company you to receive the treatment all the way in the hospital
8.tele-medicine offer after patients back to their countries
9.other services patients need
Notice:we only provide a package service rather than any separate service.
The package service=intermediary services between hospitals & patients+accommodation+translation service
You can find the two apartments we provide you here:

What you can do apart from receiving TCM treatment of your main disease

Dental treatment and denture fitted

We selected a private dental clinic to cooperate.Both dental treatment and denture fitted are very cheap relatively but still remain high quality.


There is one small park and two big parks in the small town.Please check the pictures of the parks we posted on:

Every morning and evening many local residents do all kinds of physical exercises there,such as Taiji,dancing,kick the shuttlecock(a kind of traditional Chinese physical exercise),etc.The residents are very warm-hearted,we are sure you will be welcomed to join them.Of course you also can choose walking alone quietly in the parks.

Tianjin is a metropolis,there are many beautiful parks and interesting places deserved to visit.Your life here won’t be boring.

China is so huge,different places have different fetures.We especially recommend 13 cities to travel if you had time and interest.

北京Beijing    40 minutesthe travel time from Tianjiin to Beijing by

                      high-speed train

上海Shanghai             4 hours 4 minutes

黄山Huangshan         6 hours

杭州Hangzhou           5 hours 15minutes

苏州Suzhou               4 hours 47minutes

南京Nanjing              2 hours 57minutes

婺源Wuyuan             6 hours 24minutes

西安Xian                   6 hours 17minutes

青岛Qingdao            4 hours 19minutes

哈尔滨Haerbin          5 hours 49minutes

武汉Wuhan               6 hours 11minutes

绍兴Shaoxing           5 hours 36minutes

大连Dalian               4 hours 59minute

Why do we recommend these cities?

1.All of them are very interesting and beautiful places;

2.All of them can reach by high-speed train,just need to spend about 4-6 hours.In our opinion,high-speed train is more suitable for foreign travelers because you can see more China.

3.It is easy travel to other places by high-speed train from these cities.